Our History

Our History

We are a Family owned business. It all started in Elgin, TX in January 2005. Our family's love for Mexican Food, and the lack of really good places to enjoy them, made us aware of the opportunity that we had. Mr. Arreola, originally from Morelia, Mexico, and his passion for real Mexican food and knowledge of the traditions of his birth place started the adventure with the support of his wife and family. They created the menu of Morelia Mexican Grill, and have been serving it to the Elgin community since then. People from Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio drove to Elgin to enjoy plates like Fajitas Romanas, Fried Avocado, Pollo conquistador and many other plates that made Morelia a must visit place in Elgin, TX. In January of 2009, the Arreola Family expanded Morelia to the city of Round Rock at 920 Palm Valley Drive. The menu was a delicious addition to the community and soon loved the place, service, and became regular customers to the Morelia's Round Rock. In March of 2011 the North West Austin Community had a taste of their menu and outstanding place, full of traditions, art and most importantly, a place where you can come and feel welcome just like back home. You have to try it to believe it, that also reflects on our bar menu, with traditional and very singular drinks like "Charro Negro", Margaronas or Paloma Coco, just to name a couple. The food and service have the Morelia Standard Every time all the time. Experience and enjoy the traditional and flavorful menu.

And to expand the Morelia Mexican Grill, in August of 2012 the Pflugerville location opened to bring you the same flavor and awesome place to enjoy a traditional meal with all the fun, all the flavor and the best service to make your experience the best every time all the time. In December of 2012 The Expansion of the Pflugerville location was added, with a private room that accommodates private events, reunions, training or any community events. It has a bar, projector and independent sound system that will make any event a joyful one.

In June 2014 we relocated our Round Rock store to a 11,000 sq/ft location off I-35 and Hesters Crossing by Gold’s Gym. This location, besides the Traditional Food, shows the History of our Mayan and Aztec people. Temple like finish with Aztec calendars and warriors, this location has all the parking space our old 79 location did not have, as well as the space for private events on a special VIP room with Projector and sound system for events.

"Wow!" is the expression of our guests as they walk through our restaurant admiring the paintings, the history and the awesome finish, and MMMM is when they try our food.  Come and experience this sound for yourself.

To all this we just have to say thanks! to all of you that make The Morelia Mexican Grill the best place to enjoy a taste of Mexico.

From Our Family To You ALL!! THANKS. And we hope to see you soon!! 

Morelia Mexican Grill Family